Important Travel Update for Indian Passengers Due to Heavy Rain in Dubai

Anay Tripathi

Anay Tripathi

After unexpected heavy rains in Dubai, the Indian Embassy in the UAE is advising Indian travelers heading to or through Dubai International Airport to delay their trips until things get back to normal.

Travel Advisory Details:

Dubai has seen its heaviest rain ever this week, causing a lot of flooding and problems at Dubai International Airport. The Indian Embassy suggests that travelers put off non-essential travel until the airport is running smoothly again. The Consulate General of India in Dubai has set up emergency phone numbers since April 17 to help travelers who are stuck.

The airport had to limit incoming flights and hopes to get back to a normal schedule within 24 hours. This issue has changed many travel plans, and airlines, including Air India, have had to cancel flights to and from Dubai.

Air India’s Response: Air India announced that it had to cancel its Dubai flights because the airport operations are still not normal. The airline is trying to arrange other flights for travelers affected by this. Air India is also allowing one-time changes to flight bookings without extra fees and giving full refunds for cancellations for tickets that are good until April 21, 2024.

Help from the Indian Consulate:

The Indian Consulate has shared several phone numbers to help Indians who need assistance due to the bad weather. Dubai received 142 millimeters (5.59 inches) of rain, causing major problems. The consulate is working with the UAE authorities and airlines to help travelers stuck at the airport.

        Emergency Phone Numbers:

  • +971501205172
  • +971569950590
  • +971507347676
  • +971585754213

These numbers are for Indian nationals who need urgent help because of the rain and flooding.

Community Support and Updates:

Many travelers are stranded at Dubai Airport. The Indian consulate is working with local Indian groups to provide help to those affected.

Keep Updated: Travelers should keep in touch with their airlines and watch for updates from the Indian Embassy in Dubai.

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